Summer Lab Updates

Next week, 1302 and 1308 will get updated to Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.

It is highly advised that instructors who teach in those classrooms become familiar with Windows 8.1. Please check out the videos on Windows 8.1 on

Here are instructions for how to log into

Windows 8 on its way!


Windows 8 will be the standard for campus computer labs by Fall. Prepare yourself by learning some of the basics of Windows 8. Log into using your email address and password.

Learning the basics of this new operating system will greatly improve your experience. Even if you’ve been using Windows 8, you will find little tips and tricks throughout the videos that show how to use the system more quickly and efficiently.

Check it out!

New Junk Email Reporting Add-in for Outlook

A new tool has been added to Outlook that will go above and beyond marking items as Junk. (Review the post about how to do that here.) Please note: If you do not see the options shown below, please close Outlook and then reopen it.

The new tool will Report Junk mail to Microsoft so they can better hone what is considered junk. You can use this tool from the Ribbon or from a right-click.


When you use this tool, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to report the message as Junk. Click “Yes” and your message will be moved to the Junk E-mail folder and Microsoft will take notes.

As more people use this tool, Microsoft will provide better Junk E-mail filtering.

SCC is participating in the Google Glass Explorer Program!


TSS staff have the opportunity to test Google Glass in order to find practical applications for this new technology. The glasses arrived just this week, and we’re still learning the basics. You might even come across someone on campus wearing them. Check out the top 10 myths about Google Glass.

Learn a little more about Google Glass:



Office 2013 on

Sometimes it’s the little things that can hold you back from better utilizing new versions of Office. Fill in some of the holes you might have by checking out Office 2013 videos on! <— Click the Link!

Scroll down to view the outline. Most of the video segments are short (under 5 minutes). Choose one a day–you might be amazed to find the subtle elements of the program that are easy to miss.

To watch the videos, you’ll need to click “Log in” at the top right of the page. Enter “” for the organization and then use your email account and password.

Happy learning!

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