New Campus Security Uniforms Rolling Out This Month

Chris and Zach, campus security showing off the new campus uniform

Dear Campus Community,

We are pleased to announce that over the month of April, you will see Campus Security looking a little different. Changes are being made to our uniform shirt, jacket, and shoulder patch. A big thank you to Zach Peeples and Chris Ward for being willing to show them off today!

The new uniform shirts are a high-visibility yellow/green with reflective bands around the arms. The brighter colors will make Camus Security more noticeable which will increase uniformed personnel safety, especially during inclement weather and during darker times of the day.

Close-up of new Campus Security uniforms

Additionally, the vast majority of law enforcement in our area wear dark colored uniforms; the color difference should make our uniformed personnel more recognizable as non-law enforcement without having to read a patch. In looking a little less like law enforcement:

  • our uniformed personnel look more approachable for those who may be uncomfortable around law enforcement
  • we further reduce the chance of injury to our officers if someone is looking to harm law enforcement
  • everyone is reminded that while enforcement and security is our primary objective, the vast majority of our interactions on campus are to better serve our community

The new uniform jackets are also a high-visibility yellow/green with reflective bands on multiple areas of the jacket. The new uniform jackets will also be the same color as the shirt and will be covered in reflective bands on multiple areas of the jacket. The newly updated color combined with the addition of multiple reflective bands will also create better visibility in the wetter months when jackets are frequently worn. Our jacket selection is also being implemented by a local transit security agency, and another local higher education institution for their non-law enforcement personnel, which will hopefully only increase the brand recognition that our uniformed Campus Security personnel are not law enforcement. 

Close-up of new Campus Security uniform patch

The final change we have made is to the patches worn on the shoulders of our uniforms. Our previous version was a replica of the Washington State Patrol patch, only with a different color scheme and ‘Shoreline Community College’ in place of ‘Washington State Patrol’. The new patch is designed to be another tool in identifying our personnel as security with ‘CAMPUS SECURITY’ embroidered in a yellow similar to the college yellow. The background of the patch better aligns with the college brand colors, and the Shoreline Community College logo has been added as well. The goal of this change is to reinforce the fact that while our uniformed personnel may not be directly involved in the instructional purpose of the college, we are a part of the college and exist to support the campus as a whole. 

As the new uniforms arrive, you will slowly see the changeover from the current dark blue shirts and jackets with the older shoulder patch to our new, brighter and more college aligned uniforms. However, please remember, our purpose remains the same, to keep all of you safe and secure so that you can focus on learning and growing as a community. 

For questions, please come to the Safety & Security Office (5102), call us at: (206) 546-4633, or email:

Office Hours:

  • 9am-4pm (Monday-Thursday)
  • 9am-3pm (Friday)
  • Closed: 12pm-1pm (Daily)


Your Department of Safety & Security

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