Appointment of New Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Once again, I offer my sincere thanks to the entire campus community, including all who participated in our recruitment screening process, for their work in our recent search for our next Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (EVP-ASA). Although that search was technically “failed,” this simply means I am now considering the best alternative to ensure our work continues and we have the leadership needed in this critically important position. As I have previously mentioned, the Executive Vice President is one of the most senior positions at the College.

At Shoreline, we face a number of significant imperatives that make my decision for filling this EVP position both time-sensitive and specific to the current context of our work. The EVP-ASA I select to hire must be able to:

  • Demonstrate an immediate understanding of our needs in the Washington Community and Technical College system
    • Grow our domestic and international enrollment
    • Understand the implications of the new allocation model as it relates to Shoreline
  • Serve to help sustain our refreshed Strategic Planning goals and strategies, and
  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to the values of Shoreline, including our Community Standard and working together to support student success

The challenges of recruiting a position at this level around the country are apparent. I reviewed several pre-qualified candidates who are available for short-term contracts for six to nine months.  Among available options for the permanent position, one individual is clearly the best choice for Shoreline. This person demonstrates all the abilities that I just listed as essential for the EVP-ASA position.

I am pleased to announce my decision to appoint Alison Stevens as the new EVP-ASA beginning in July 2016. We are both fortunate that Dr. Stevens has a strong interest in returning to Shoreline to work with us, and her leadership skills will complement the work ahead of us and help students “finish what they start.”

Alison wanted to express the following to the Shoreline community, “I am delighted that this opportunity allows me to return to Shoreline and work with the dedicated faculty and staff and new leadership provided by President Roberts. I am excited to share my passion and commitment to continue Shoreline’s exceptional work focused on student achievement and success.”

Bob Francis, who is retiring from the EVP-ASA position at the end of June, also noted, “I have confidence in Alison’s ability to build on the foundation the College community has worked on in recent years to sustain and advance Shoreline’s strategic objectives. She has the unique ability to meet the challenges and opportunities that Shoreline faces now and in the fast-approaching future.”

Later this afternoon, I invite you to join me to discuss this decision in a meeting with the campus community from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Automotive Showroom (Room 2120).

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

Alison Steve

Alison Stevens is the new Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Shoreline Community College.

Alison Stevens biographical summary
Alison Stevens, Ph.D. is the new Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Shoreline Community College beginning in July 2016. Dr. Stevens has been a community college leader for the past ten years and, prior to returning to Shoreline, she served as the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at Everett Community College. Alison previously served as the interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Shoreline following seven years as an instructional dean for Seattle Central and North Seattle Colleges. In addition to her community college administration roles, Alison designed customized programs for international students as well as teaching for thirteen years in English as a Second Language, Spanish, and Linguistics at the University of Washington. Her prior background includes her work as a Fair Hearings and Financial Services Leadworker for the state’s Department of Social and Health Services. She holds a doctorate in theoretical linguistics and a Master in Teaching – English as a Second Language from the University of Washington.

A message from President Roberts

Please schedule and plan to attend an important meeting with the campus community and me this week, Friday, April 15, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Automotive Showroom (Room 2120).

Before my announcement of the “failed search” for the recruitment of the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (EVP-ASA), I carefully considered my options for filling the position. At the meeting on Friday, I will discuss my decision with the College and indicate how we will move forward to fill the EVP-ASA position. My decision was informed both by our recently completed search process and my further review of candidates who have the abilities to provide the leadership we require in this position.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

President Roberts attends the American Association of Community Colleges Board of Directors Meetings & Annual Convention

President Roberts will be off campus thru Wednesday, April 13, 2016 for the AACC (American Association of Community Colleges) Board of Directors Meetings & Annual Convention.

While President Roberts is off campus, the AICs (Administrators In Charge) for the College:

-Thurs, 4/7 & Fri, 4/8: Stuart Trippel, Executive Director – Ext. 4672 or 7859
-Mon, 4/11 – Wed, 4/13: Stephen Smith, VPHR&LA – Ext. 4694 or 4695

Thank you.

Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs – Failed Search

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank the EVP-ASA Screening Committee members for their time and good work in following the recruitment search process and recommending four finalists for my consideration. After the President, the EVP-ASA is the most senior position at the college. When we looked at recruitment for this position, we changed the title to the Executive Vice President acknowledging its importance.

I would also like to thank the Dean Team and the entire campus community for your interest and involvement in meeting, interviewing, asking excellent questions at the open forums, and providing feedback on the finalists. I carefully considered all available information including your comments and feedback and have determined this to be a “failed search.”

We do have viable options available to us. Unfortunately, Bob Francis is retiring from the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and does not represent one of those options. There are qualified executives available nationally on a shorter term basis. I will consider all options and will bear in mind the importance of selecting the best person to help the College move forward into our new and comprehensive strategic plan. I expect to have further information to share with the campus by the middle of next week.

Thank you for your involvement in our search for this key position and your dedication to our future.

Best regards,
Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

President Roberts visits with College partners American Honda Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales

President Roberts will be off campus on Thursday, March 31 & Friday, April, 2016 for meetings with College Partners American Honda Motor Company & Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

While President Roberts is off campus, the AIC (Administrator In Charge) for the College will be:

Robert (Bob) Francis, EVPASA – Ext. 4651 or 4652

Thank you.