Message from President Roberts: Technology Needs & Workspaces at Home

Dear Colleague,

After completing nearly two quarters in remote operations, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on what has worked well and what could be improved. When remote operations began in March, many of us expected to work from home for only a brief period of time and therefore, made only short-term preparations. Now that remote operations for the College has extended through Fall 2020, we are checking in again to confirm that each employee has a functional workspace in their home environment. At minimum, employees should have access to:

  • An internet connection
  • A computer with a keyboard and mouse, OR a laptop
  • A webcam and microphone for video conferencing
  • A chair
  • A surface (such as a table or desk) from which to work from
  • An adequately-sized monitor or laptop screen

Noting that it is an ongoing priority to ensure that each employee has a fully functional workspace in their home environment, we ask that you please complete the Remote Operations Workstation Survey to provide feedback on your work space at home as soon as possible. We ask that you complete this survey by August 24, 2020. We are also asking that all full-time and part-time staff take the survey to better understand all of your needs. The information received in this survey will be used to re-assess equipment needs as we move into our third full quarter of remote operations, and will also be utilized to further develop an equipment request process (similar to what we have used in the spring and summer). Further information on the survey results and a reminder of the equipment/support request process will be sent to all College staff at the end of August 2020.

Additionally, please recall that you continue to be welcome to retrieve office equipment (such as your desk chair, computer monitor, webcam, etc.), from your campus workspace but cannot take home your desktop computer at this time. If you would like to pick up such equipment (with a visit to campus of less than 4 hours) please follow the following protocol:

  • Email TSS (if technology is needed) to set up a day and time at
  • Request prior approval from your Executive Team member.
  • Complete the Campus Access Form before arrival and upon departure (you no longer need to email Safety & Security).
  • Wear a two-ply mask while on campus. If you do not have one, you may request one at the Safety & Security office.

Thank you for continuing to strive for excellence in your work, despite the numerous unforeseen ongoing challenges. Your collective efforts make Shoreline a resilient campus community that supports student success.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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