Power Shutdown, Sept 24th

Dear Shoreline Staff,

As part of our preparation work for the new Health Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC), a power shutdown will be conducted on campus from noon on Friday, September 24 through 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 26. 

We need all staff to plan to work remotely on Friday, September 24th for the full day. Please access your work activities remotely as normal until noon. After 12 pm, the power will be off on campus, and you will need to access work via VPN when working at home. Please check with your supervisor for more information. 

For people who normally use Remote Desktop for HP, share drives, report server, Qnomy and must work Friday afternoon — as your work is critical in onboarding students using HP — we can accommodate setting up a limited number of new VPN setups.    Please contact TSS if you are in need of a new VPN setup.

Core campus networking services and online services will be unaffected. 

Services that will be unavailable during the shutdown include:

  • Remote access to employee desktop systems in the affected buildings 
  • You must switch to VPN
  • Student remote access to labs in the affected buildings 
  • Wi-Fi access in and near the affected buildings: 1800, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600 (generators will be provided for MLT refrigerators), 2700, 2900 (generator will be provided for Biology and Chemistry refrigerators and for the refrigerator on the lower level), 3000, and 5000.

The shutdown will not interfere with IT services and Canvas.  Campus vendors, including Avanti, have been notified of this activity as well. 

Please be sure to remove all personal food and beverage items from refrigerators in these buildings by September 23. 

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact TSS. 

Phillip J. King

Acting President

Shoreline Community College



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