Upcoming website updates in preparation for ctcLink 

Dear campus community, 

As we get closer to the launch of ctcLink on February 28th, we are preparing updates to the Shoreline website and Intranet. These updates will provide students with the resources they need to navigate and use ctcLink effectively, as they are designed to give them as much self-service information as possible. 

Phase 1 – Phase 1 will be launched on Monday, February 14th and will run until February 28th. 

  • COVID Updates link is moving 

The COVID-19 site-wide banner will be removed from the top of each webpage and a COVID Updates link will be added to the website’s navigation, to the left of the Current Students link. A COVID-19 Updates link will also be added to the About section of our main navigation. 

COVID is no longer a short-term emergency and is, unfortunately, something we all will have to deal with for a long time to come. COVID-related announcements, vaccination requirement information, clinic access, and other relevant information still needs to be accessible for everyone coming to campus. 

Because of this, we want to provide a permanent spot for a COVID information link. By removing the COVID Updates banner, we also free up the space at the top of the website for ctcLink communications, emergency alerts, and other announcements that will need to be communicated moving forward. 

  • ctcLink announcement banner added 

A yellow ctcLink site-wide announcement banner will be added to the site for the next few weeks, alerting all users that ctcLink is coming. Communication and information access are of the utmost importance as we head toward the shutdown period, into launch, and through the rest of Winter Quarter. Alerting our students that ctcLink is coming on the site will better prepare them for the changes ahead.

  • Alert boxes added 

Within each department/service webpage, detailed information will be provided via in-page alert boxes including pre-launch due dates, ctcLink shutdown dates, contact information, virtual and on-campus assistance, and reopening dates. Communications & Marketing is working with departments to prepare tailored messages to display in these boxes.

Phase 2 

Phase 2 will launch on Monday, February 28th and will continue through the end of Winter Quarter (March 30th). 

  • Homepage announcement box 

On March 7th, the ctcLink banner will be removed from the homepage and a box will be added below the navigation alerting users that ctcLink has arrived and providing quick access to ctcLink information, resources, and the ctcLink login portal. This box will remain on the homepage for only a few weeks as we get everyone activated within ctcLink. 

  • ctcLink site-wide banner 

To quickly access ctcLink links while navigating the website, an updated site-wide banner will be available on all pages (other than the homepage) as well. 

  • ctcLink tutorials 

We will be updating all relevant pages on the website with tutorials that will guide users through ctcLink processes. Within each tutorial, there will be step by step instructions with pictures, as well as links to troubleshooting tips, help options, and Support Center articles. 

The most affected sections of the website include Enrollment Services, Cashiering, Financial Aid, and Registration. Web Support is working with these departments and others to ensure all web changes accurately reflect both ctcLink and departmental workflow changes. 

  • Support options 

Throughout the website, we will be providing users with multiple ways to get help, including detailed support articles and an answering system in the Support Center, live chat, Zoom rooms, and in-person support. In conjunction with the Technical Support Center team, Enrollment Support, the Peer Support Programs, and Outreach & Recruitment, all employees and students will have the ability to easily receive assistance in whatever format they prefer. 

  • Current Students page update 

The Current Students page will be updated with ctcLink information, new quick links, and expanded support options. Each online service (ctcLink, Canvas, Starfish, and AIM) will be broken down in detail to explain what each one offers and how students should utilize them. Students should be advised to refer to the Current Students page for all their Shoreline needs. 

Our goal is to provide guidance and support to students as they navigate their way through this significant change. These web changes will ease the transition for everyone as ctcLink becomes an integral part of the College. 

For any questions about ctcLink or technical updates, please contact support@shoreline.edu.

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