Campus Updates 08/18/22


Message from the President: 

This last week for me has focused on working with the board in special meetings as part of their summer retreat.  Last week we had part one which focused on the board getting to know each other better, setting goals for me, and board norms around communication. These are an impressive group of folks with interesting backgrounds, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from and work with them this year. 

The second day of the retreat was yesterday. The topic was primarily for the board to set board goals. Most of the goals were focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and the role of antiracism in future work. The board will be voting on their goals (and mine) in a future meeting, which will help us set up guidance and direction for the year. This will of course align with the work being done on the DEI strategic plan collaboratively as a campus. Presidential goals/concepts will be included in my introduction to campus during our opening week (which I am extremely excited about).  

As for me, not a lot of exciting things have happened since last week.  I did work in the front yard again planting some additional succulents.  A few other succulents were given to me as a welcome gift for starting at Shoreline.  I told my wife about it, and she left me a text to bring them home, so they don’t die. I did put a reminder in Outlook “WATER PLANTS” which I hope will help.  Next time you come by you can check on my progress! 

Here is a link to my next set of virtual office hours! 

Fall Quarter Planning 


SCC Scholarship Award Ceremony: Please join us in celebrating this year’s scholarship recipients. Thursday, September 29, 2022. Register here! 

ctcLink Updates 

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Events and Updates 

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  • Zero (0) new positive cases were reported in the last 7 days (2 fewer than the previous week).   

Vaccine Event 

  • Vaccine clinic Friday, August 19 at Shoreline/LFP Senior Center: Shoreline Area News: Get your babies vaccinated at the Senior Center Friday, August 19, 2022 



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