Campus Updates 09/22/22


Message from the President: 

Good afternoon,  

On Wednesday morning, I met with the WACTC presidents’ group to discuss the changes that I mentioned last week related to the state of emergency ending on October 31st, 2022.  I think all of us are trying to understand what is next and how to work collaboratively with our union partners to serve the communities across the state.  When I arrived at my office later that day there were concerns about the smoke from distant fires as well as some discussions about the impact of the roof maintenance happening in FOSS.  Thank you to all who have been so flexible in working with each other to ensure staff and students are comfortable and safe as we continue to adjust to new environments and emergent situations. 

This past week has been busy and inspiring on my end.  I had a meeting with Nancy ‘Lynn’ Palmanteer-Holder, Director, Tribal Relations & Curriculum Development for the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.  We are collaborating to bring tribal leadership to campus to discuss partnering and supporting our indigenous communities.  She is currently working with presidents and tribal leaders across the state to bring the two groups together to form a collective vision.  More on this important work as it happens! 

Dr. King and I visited Shoreline schools this week to discuss how we have been partnering and how to explore ways of strengthening our partnering as we move forward.  I shared some things I learned at that meeting at our opening week events today.  

I also attended a welcome reception hosted by our Foundation in the Highlands area of Shoreline.  It was great to meet some new colleagues and spend some time off campus with current ones.   

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the International Student orientation as well as the new Local/Domestic Student orientation. It was so great to interact with students, learn about their majors, and hear their excitement about classes next week.   

Finally, I was able to meet with Jamie Ardeña, Manager of the Multicultural Center.  It was a great meeting filled with learning about the center, how it has served the community, and envisioning how it might in the future.  I am really looking forward to all the great things we will see in this space this year and beyond. 

It looks like a less-than-ideal opening week with all going on, but it won’t dampen my excitement to get to know everyone! 



Fall Quarter Updates 


SCC Scholarship Award Ceremony: Please join us in celebrating this year’s scholarship recipients. Thursday, September 29, 2022. Register here! 

Human Resources 

Please join us in welcoming the following new employees joining us at the College this month:  

  • James Armstrong – Veteran’s Affairs 
  • Amber Avery – Automotive 
  • Tsetsen Anuurad – Student Learning 
  • Justin Baggot – eLearning 
  • Taraji Belgacem – Humanities 
  • Lindsay Casale – Parent Child Center 
  • Orlando De Lange – Biology/BioTech 
  • Henry Garcia – ESL 
  • Madeleine Gorges – Psychology 
  • Megan Haan – Nursing 
  • Kara Haney – Social Sciences 
  • Angelo Jamora – Nursing 
  • Asha Lickley-Dore – ABE/GED 
  • Leo Novsky – Business Admin 
  • My Mach – Payroll 
  • Astrid Perez – Chemistry 
  • Carlos Sibaja Garcia – ESL 
  • Rashawn Smith – Automotive 
  • Jessica Strickland – ABE/GED 
  • Trysteen Tran – English 
  • Chris Vongvithayamathakul – Music 
  • Benjamin Wiggins – Biology/BioTech 
  • Thanh Dang – Facilities  

Know someone who wants to join our teams? Visit: Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College 

Events and Updates 

Please share with your students and campus community networks:  

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  • One (8) new positive case was reported in the last 7 days (6 more than the previous week) 



Getting vaccinated and boosted is still the best way to fight COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Health vaccine locator at Vaccinate WA: Find COVID-19 Vaccine Providers Near You can help you find the most convenient option for you. The CDC recommends  getting a bivalent Pfizer (ages 12+) or Moderna vaccine (ages 18+) if it’s been two months or more since your last booster or vaccination. 

Shoreline Community College MISSION – Our Purpose 

We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities. 

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