Campus Updates 09/29/22


Happy Thursday once again! It has been a busy but exciting Opening Week as folks have been returning to their offices and getting ready for the fall quarter. The week has been filled with a lot of “meet and greet” events, orientations, division meetings, lunches, and just some enjoyable time to be together. It is funny, as a newcomer, I find it enjoyable to watch people who I do not even know, embrace, fist-bump, and genuinely share “It’s great to see you”. I’m simply happy to see folks reconnecting with colleagues. 

Thank you to all who came out to the Coffee with the President events sponsored by the Foundation. And YES, it was ok to come to both of them! It was great to have some time to answer questions and learn more about people’s interests and areas of expertise. One thing that really stood out to me was the exciting innovative ideas that folks shared with me. Learning about reducing obstacles for first-generation students in accounting to new partnerships with industry from the chemistry department to creating new ways to serve students who have not historically been served through the business department, was incredible to hear. The eagerness and excitement in finding new ways to serve our community are thriving here at Shoreline. 

It is inspiring as well, given the struggle with enrollment here at Shoreline (and in about half of the colleges in this state as I understand it- more on that as the details become available). It is this kind of creativity and dedication to our mission that will move us forward! Can’t wait to develop the overall vision with you through our DEI strategic planning as we move forward.  

This past weekend, I spent the morning at the Campus Clean-Up Day with staff and faculty that came together to do some weeding and overall clean-up on campus. The event went well, and the team made some good progress! I spent the bulk of my time pulling up some dead plants over by the nursing area parking lot with our Program Coordinator colleague Sharon (whom I thanked later for making a good recommendation for Mexican food!) We are still working on a Request for Proposal to get an organization to do an overall systematic clean-up (which will take a larger crew for a longer period of time). I met with Erik Falk our Grounds & Nursery Specialist this morning, who had positive feedback about the event. I want to send a particular thank you to our classified union for supporting this event and I hope we can make it an annual one! 

And finally, yesterday I had a reminder of why we are all here. I was outside the admin building and saw a student who looked lost, so I asked her if she needed help. She introduced herself and told me that she was nervous because this was her first day of college. I told her I was nervous on my first day here too, even as the new president. She wanted help finding her classroom and she asked me if I would walk her to the class, and of course, I was honored to do it. She then told me she has a disability but that wasn’t going to slow her down. She told me she was 25 and asked me if that was too young for college. I told her we had students much younger and older here and she seemed impressed! She then asked me a lot of fun questions about the theater program (would she get to be on stage, would she wear one of those small mics on her shirt, are those mics fragile, etc.?). She was so excited to be here. We both needed some help finding the room so friendly colleagues helped point us in the right direction (and even volunteered to take over walking her over, but I was on a mission). When we arrived at her class her faculty member greeted her like an old friend, and she quickly left my side excited about the next steps on her journey. 

This is just one story of the many that happen every day here with your dedication, expertise, and care for our students. Thank you sincerely for what you do and have a great first week back with students! 



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  • 13 cases of COVID-19 were reported to Shoreline Community College; up 5 from last week’s count. 



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Getting vaccinated and boosted is still the best way to fight COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Health vaccine locator at Vaccinate WA: Find COVID-19 Vaccine Providers Near You can help you find the most convenient option for you. The CDC recommends getting a bivalent Pfizer (ages 12+) or Moderna vaccine (ages 18+) if it’s been two months or more since your last booster or vaccination. 

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