Campus Updates 10/27/22


Good afternoon all, 

I’m writing this introduction from New York City!  I honestly can’t remember the last time I was here.  While born in NY (and with relatives here) I do not get to the East Coast that much, and that certainly has been exacerbated by Covid.  I am here attending my first Association Community College Trustees (ACCT) conference with Trustees Lux and Wells. Attending as a team can really assist us in learning more about our roles and partnering on a shared mission.  One event I attended with the Trustees was the Improving Educational Outcomes for Men of Color Symposium. I will be sharing institutional recommendations with the campus upon my return. 

Next week I will be sending a summary memo to the campus with a brief summary of the “Trust” project we discussed during my opening remarks at Opening Week, and it will include links to the raw data. The number of great suggestions and ideas was staggering.  Taking the advice from a few of the respondents, we will be prioritizing suggestions and moving those to action as a first step. Some have already begun, and I will update you on those as well. As these are moving forward, we will re-engage and adopt additional suggestions as we go. 

In addition to these important methods of improving trust and communication, we will need to continue to engage in conversations that help us to identify the primary ways we will continue to serve, build our presence in the community, and align our work with the board goals (which were discussed this month and will be officially voted on in December).  We will begin working on our DEI Strategic plan. Until that plan is complete, we will need to focus on pre-planning to be sure we have plans and actions that align with our mission and board goals, serve those who are at Shoreline and those who should be.  This will also be in the memo next week. 

During my opening presentation (and certainly over the last few months) I have had many conversations with folks about the external challenges to the college as well as the internal ones. Those conversations also included proud moments of exciting work with students, progress on concerns, and joy. We do have genuine challenges and I do not want to diminish the frustration that comes with those challenges. However, we also have several committed folks, including myself. We will continue to work with you to build structures and relationships that can work together to take on these challenges. I am very much looking forward to more stories of joy and progress as we move forward. 

More soon- have a great week.   

Best, Jack 

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  • Covid cases: 10 positive cases of COVID-19 were reported to the College during the week from October 19 through October 25, up 2 from last week. 


  • As we approach flu season, the CDC recommends that everyone get a flu shot as well. And yes, you can get your flu shot and your COVID booster at the same time. 


Shoreline Community College MISSION – Our Purpose 

We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities. 

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