Campus Updates 01/05/23


Good afternoon folks- hope you are doing well and keeping warm and safe! Welcome back! Hope you had a great time with loved ones.  Last week during the “ice apocalypse” I had to take both of our dogs to vet appointments (just 1.5 miles from my house) but it was a challenging drive.  The ice wasn’t cleared at all in my neighborhood, so I drove super slow.  All is good, and “Ms. Penny” had a good general visit and “Orrie” had his teeth worked on. Both are doing well, currently sleeping on the papasan. 

I wanted to thank all of you who participated in and watched the Holiday Video over break!  Thank you so much for your creativity and joyful words.  Rob Berg did an excellent job putting it together as well.  Next year I will get us started earlier also so we can get more instructional faculty who are interested to participate- my apologies for rolling out the invite to participate at the end of finals!! 

If you haven’t seen it (or kind of want to see it again) click here

I was very busy this last week with mostly local work.  Meeting with campus partners and moving projects forward.  I was able this week to meet with Dr. Singh from Edmonds as part of my professional development, which is always helpful!  I was also able to attend the nursing graduation which was fantastic! The ceremony was lovely, and our nursing faculty were so appreciative and inspired by our nursing students (who wouldn’t be?).  

One thing I wanted to alert you to is that many of our student services folks are engaging in a “Just in Time” project this December and January and reaching out to several hundred students who have expressed interest and haven’t enrolled yet, to see if we can help them do so!~ See below for details.  I also volunteered to help and have begun calling my list! This team is awesome. 

Thank you for your kindness these past six months.  I’m really looking forward to continuing our collaborative work to address our challenges and all the exciting work people are doing! While these photos are a little late we thought you’d still enjoy. 

Have a great week, 

The President’s Office 

Jack Kahn baby photo
Lori Yonemitsu baby photo

From J. Kahn: Video Campus Update 12/07/22 

Winter Quarter Updates 

ctcLink Updates: 

  • Classified Supervisors and Admin/Exempt staff are being trained in how to use available reporting tools to delve into their budgets on ctcLink. If you have questions about budgets in ctcLink, please reach out to your supervisor. 

Student Services Updates:  

Outreach & Recruitment (Winter 2023) 

  • A cross-departmental workgroup conducted a calling and outreach campaign to students not currently enrolled in Winter Quarter with a focus on connecting with students who have applied for or attended Shoreline within the last 4 quarters.  Additionally, the financial aid team will conduct outreach to roughly 450 students who have been awarded aid but have not enrolled in Winter 2023. More to come as we begin our new quarter on January 9, 2023. 


  • The Enrollment Services (ES) team is working on three proposals to ensure greater access and equity to students around enrollment for the Winter Quarter and beyond. These will include proposed updates to our “drop for non-payment” process; proposed updates to our 50/100% refund policy; and the process for assigning tuition waivers. Stay tuned for more updates in the early Winter Quarter. 

Financial Aid 

  • Congratulations to our mighty FA team who report that they are all caught up on aid applications for previous quarters, as well as with phone calls and emails from students. Moving forward, they anticipate a two-week turnaround to completely review and make awarding decisions on submitted applications. 

Hiring within SES Division 

  • There are over 20 positions pending interviewing and hiring in the Students, Equity, and Success (SES) division. The college made finalist offers for the director of financial aid and the assistant registrar positions, and two individuals have accepted – both start on January 17, 2023.  Additionally, we are in the next stage of interviews for the associate director of outreach & recruitment; the director of admissions, enrollment and outreach; the director of AANAPISI; and the new assistant to the deans of student services.  There is a myriad of other positions currently in recruitment, and we hope to announce those new hires soon. 

Hiring of Full-Time Faculty (FTF) for AY 2023-24 

  • The deans, along with Faculty Program Coordinators (FPCs), presented 21 requested full-time faculty positions to the Student Learning, Equity, & Success (SLES) Leadership Team on December 14. Currently, we anticipate filling 10 to 12 of these positions for the 2023-24 academic year. The deans & FPCs rated each position according to perceived priority of hire for the upcoming academic year. The results of their ratings in aggregate will be presented to the Executive Team (ET) in early January for their feedback. An announcement of the final list of FTF positions for hire will be made in late January. 

Foundation Events: 

The Foundation is in the process of reviewing scholarship applications. If you are available to be a reviewer, please contact It is a great way to support our students and insure an equitable distribution of scholarship resources. 

Student volunteers work at sporting events in the region and donate what they would be paid to Athletics scholarships. This fall student volunteers have raised $13,898! 


Do you have a grant? Do you have any ideas for a new grant? The Grants Office is working to consolidate information about all grants on campus, including current awards, proposals in progress, and ideas for new projects. We can help with all stages, from proposal development to award tracking and reporting.  Please let us know at 

Human Resources 

Know someone who wants to join our teams? Visit: Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College 

Events and Updates 

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Shoreline Community College MISSION – Our Purpose 

We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities. 

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