System Outage Update 4/6/23 

Good evening, 

I have two quick updates for you today. 

Personal Hotspots 

During today’s Zoom forum we received questions about whether people could use their personal hotspot on campus. While we do have wifi hotspots distributed around campus, it is also possible to use your personal hotspot on your phone if you choose to do so.  

However, I wanted to share that a handful of us with “unlimited” data plans who’ve used our cell phones as wi-fi hotspots while on campus this week, discovered that “unlimited” can have limits, after getting the “your smartphone has 10% remaining of its mobile hotspot allowance” messages from our wireless carriers. Here are a couple of tips and explanations that may be of use to you 

  • “A lot of people get confused about unlimited data plans, thinking that this means that mobile hotspot data is also unlimited. But, this isn’t the case. Even on cell phone plans with unlimited data, there will be a cap for how much data you can use as a mobile hotspot.” (Statement pulled up from a web search.) 

  • “One of the most important things to remember about mobile hotspot usage is that it can quickly drain your smartphone’s battery. While it is being used as a hotspot, not only is it doing all its other smartphone functions, but it’s also constantly transmitting data to the devices you connect to it.” (Statement pulled up from a web search.) 

Maintenance Requests 

While our intranet is down, staff and faculty are able to put in maintenance requests via this link: 

Please note that due to the ransomware incident we are not currently able to take requests for heating/cooling as we are currently unable to access our HVAC system controls. 

Have a great night! 

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