Campus Updates 4/6/23


Good afternoon, folks, 

Once again colleagues it has been a week.  Much of my time this week has been working with folks to manage the ransomware incident.  I want to thank not only TSS for their stellar work but also the campus as a whole for being patient.  We know this is taking longer than we would like, and as you may have encountered with previous technology projects in your lives, they often require more time than originally anticipated. How many times have you told your friend or partner “I just need 10 minutes to print this, and I will be right there…?”   In the next week or so I think we will see some good changes and improvements to our overall infrastructure, though likely not at the pace we would ultimately like. However, everyone is working as hard as they can, and seeking additional support as we can garner it. 

I had the opportunity to attend Dina Kovarik’s memorial over the weekend, and I want to thank Dean Hamilton and his team for putting this together.  As you can imagine, it was packed with family, friends, colleagues, and former students who adored her (the crows were circling around in attendance as well, likely to lend their support as I learned Dina was fond of feeding them).  I didn’t know her well, but I was very lucky to meet her when I started last summer.  She was so kind and welcoming to me in my first weeks as I marveled over the summer camps we offer here.  I am glad we were able to honor her and her work and be reminded of the special relationship that faculty have with their students and the community. 

Despite the ransomware incident, I did not slow down my commitment to connecting with community members this week. In hopes of continuing to find opportunities for Shoreline as we move forward, Samira Pardanani and I met with Diana Oliveros Martinez, the consul rep of Mexico. I also had the opportunity to meet with Carlos José Arroyave Prera, the Consulate for Guatemala to discuss ways in which we can better support our diverse Hispanic/Latinx community.  Great conversations were had, and we have some follow-up to do!  More on those as they develop. 

The other night I enjoyed attending a meeting at the Shoreline History Museum where I presented the Lake Forest Rotary.  In both cases I met some new colleagues and was feeling really great about connecting some folks to some of our larger projects.  I also had my regular meeting with Guru Dorje and Jonathan Molinaro who are also working with VP Dixon to brainstorm additional ways we can collaborate, share visions, and serve our community. 

As you may have also heard, during the Washington state budget development process, the House removed Shoreline’s STE(A)M Education Center proposal from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges’ (SBCTCs’) 2023-25 Capital Appropriation request list.  The college is working with our board, deans, faculty and community partners to put together a letter and call out to our community to urge legislative representatives to restore our STE(A)M building to the request list where it was originally in the original governor’s and senate’s version of the budget.  So far, I am aware that the Mayor of Shoreline, Chief of Police, State Board Executive Director, and a few community partners have already signed.  We intend to send the letter to legislators on Tuesday of next week and put me in touch via phone as well.  As citizens, you may of course contact your own legislative representative (if you wish) to advocate for this and of course the other items we are advocating for (COLA fully paid by the state, Workforce Development support, DEI support etc.). 

And finally, I wanted to mention this very special event we have coming up next week.  Author & Activist Tenzin Tsundue will present his new collection “Nowhere to call home” on April 13th from 12:30-2:00.  Please see info enclosed below.  It’s going to be amazing. 

Have a good week all. 



Spring Quarter Updates 


  • Faculty: how to accept a part-time or moonlight faculty contract? Reject a contract only if you are turning down the offer to teach a class or perform stipend work. If you believe there is an error in your contract, do not reject the contract. Instead, contact your division or department administrative assistant or class scheduler. 
  • How employees can find their W-2 in ctcLink. 

Human Resources 

Do you know someone who wants to join our team? Visit: Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College 

Events and Updates 

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COVID-19 Updates   


  • For the week of March 30- April 5, the College had no new positive case of COVID-19 reported. 
  • While the College website is down, please report COVID-19 symptoms, exposures, and positive test results directly to 



Shoreline Community College MISSION – Our Purpose 

We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities. 

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