Campus Updates 5/4/23

Events and News 

Good afternoon, all, I hope your week has been going well. Post-Ransomware progress is continuing to happen, and we should have some updates on data we are trying to recover by the end of this week/beginning of next, and hope to have an update to share in the forum next week. Keep an eye out for email updates. 

This week I was lucky to attend the Academic Team ceremony where community college students from across the state were recognized for their achievements and given scholarships. I was able to meet Siu Hung Yip (Jason) who is 18 yrs. old and is deciding between college acceptances from University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington, and is waiting to hear from Princeton University. We had lunch together with Trustee Ringer and colleagues from Green River college. Our second winner Ai Ngamkitcharoenlap was out of the country and missed the event. I hope to meet Ai on campus soon! Governor Jay Inslee did the keynote, and it was very inspiring and supportive of community colleges!  

I also was able to attend the WATCC president’s monthly meeting in-person down in Olympia. It was a great meeting, and I made new connections, and received some collegial support from folks (particularly around the ransomware incident). 

Last week I forgot to mention that I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the DECA students at the Small Business Center opening. You may have heard about their recent trip to complete in Orlando. The students were so great to chat with, and their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship was contagious. Keep up the good work Professor Novsky! 

Finally, I was able to attend the “900 days of siege” event in recognition of Holocaust Awareness Day. Mrs. Rita Davidova was so courageous in sharing her story, educating us about the 900-day siege of Leningrad. She was five years old at the time but has many vivid memories, some she had never shared before. Our community partner Rabbi Sadya Davidoff (who brought the event to us) gave flowers to all the organizers (Suzanne make sure you get yours!!) as a thank you, and raved about how warm and welcoming our security and planning team are. I couldn’t agree more! 



Spring Quarter Updates 


  • Please join us: Area Reviews: Guided Working Session, Friday, May 5th, 1 pm during Day of Learning. Associate faculty will be paid to attend and work on their relevant Area Review.  
  • Area Reviews due June 16, 2024.  
  • See all past announcements regarding accreditation here


  • The Shoreline Support Center is a resource for employees, as well as students. If you have suggested knowledge-based articles to add to the support center, submit a ticket and we will publish it! 

Do you know someone who wants to join our team? Visit: Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College.  

Events and Updates 

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