Take the 2021 Safety Survey by Feb 19

Hello Shoreline Community College community,

Please take a few minutes to complete a short safety survey…with questions about workplace safety that are relevant for each of us.  Each year, the DES State Office of Risk Management, together with the State Agency Safety Professionals Alliance (SASPA), administers the safety survey.  The 2021 Safety Survey will be open for all state employees through February 19, 2021 and can be found here.

Because many state employees spent time teleworking as a result of the pandemic, this year’s survey provides answer options for teleworkers as well as an additional question that will allow agencies to see their results by employees who primarily teleworked in last 12 months and those who did not.

The survey contains language in the Introduction that provides the following clarification for employees who primarily teleworked during the last 12 months:  The term “workplace”, “work area” or “work site” is used frequently throughout this survey. These terms refer to your home or any location that you have been or are currently teleworking. 

The intent of the survey is to enhance our culture of worker safety.  State agencies use survey results to develop a safety action plan for addressing the issues identified.  Survey information will help Shoreline Community College Safety Managers, Safety Officers and Safety Committee members evaluate our safety program, identify gaps and plan safety initiatives to enhance employee workplace safety.

The survey is anonymous.  Results will be collected by the DES State Office of Risk Management, then tallied and sent in summary form to each state agency. To complete the survey, please click this link. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dawn Beck, CPA
VP for Business & Administrative Services

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