Don’t Miss These DEI Workshops – April 2, 9, 16

Hello All,

As part of the ongoing commitment at Shoreline Community College to creating an atmosphere built on mutual respect, trust, and mutual learning, Aisha Hauser (learn more about Ms. Hauser here) will be offering a series of webinars that will serve as building blocks for the Day of Learning.  Below are the descriptions of the webinars. These workshops are the same sessions that have been offered as professional learning for Admin Team and Classified Supervisors. The goal is to provide foundational experiences that help lays the groundwork for the new Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to build on with the campus community. 

Ms. Hauser will have office hours on Fridays from 3pm-4:30pm and you are invited to schedule a 30 minute coaching session with Aisha to ask questions, or practice any of these skills.

The webinars will be recorded and for those who choose to participate live, there will be small group discussion opportunities.

The series begins with a workshop offered on Friday, April 2nd 2pm-3:30pm – How to Have Difficult Conversations. Learning to manage conflict is part of navigating tensions around any topic, but especially charged ones related to race and how to bring about change. As a society, we have not handled conflict well and instead people choose sides and dig in their heels. This workshop is less about moving anyone to any side, rather skills are learned to encourage clear communication so people feel heard and a shared reality can be identified. This process also names that this is uncomfortable and learning to sit with discomfort is also part of the process. 


The second workshop will be offered on Friday, April 9 from 2pm-3:30pm – Identity. Aisha will use the TED Talk “Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as a catalyst to explore and reflect on times when a single story was had about us and when we had one about others. We will explore how power dynamics impact how we understand each other. There will be opportunities to reflect on how this learning can support the students of Shoreline.                                                       


The third workshop will be offered on Friday, April 16th from 2pm-3:30pm – Race and Identity. What the current polarization of the U.S. indicates is that the issues of race and identity and their impacts on both individuals and policy are not understood in the same way by everyone. Having a shared reality on the ways race and identity have shaped, and continues to shape, policy in our country is crucial to not replicating harmful paradigms in systems such as Shoreline Community College.


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