Campus Updates 11/17/22


I hope your week is going well. It’s been a busy one over here as I imagine it has been for you as well.  We had friends visiting from San Diego last weekend and used it as an excuse to do some touristy stuff which was great.  The Emerald City is well worth spending time in! 

You should see an announcement this week for the VP of DEI and some background on our new Shoreline team member!  I can’t wait.  To help prepare for her arrival, the Executive Team will be undergoing a series of DEI training courses as individuals and as a team to ensure we are working more effectively and supportively with our new team member.  Because this role is new to the college, we want to be sure we are doing all we can to aid in her success. 

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ana Mari Cuace, the President of the University of Washington.  It was a meet-and-greet meeting for me as a new president in the region and very gracious of her to slot me in (I thought my calendar was busy!).  We spoke about how well our transfer students are prepared for the University, changes since the pandemic, and several other topics.  I bonded with her a bit in that we both are psychologists and have some faculty background teaching courses in similar areas.  Her expertise though is ethnic studies (mine was more in gender & women’s studies), and we did spend a lot of our discussion emphasizing the importance of that area and work being done in the region to re-vision that for the community colleges.  I am in full support of that vision so it was great to hear- in fact, UW is now considering increasing its diversity requirement for graduates which may create some cool opportunities for our system.   

I also attended two great events on campus.  The Public Safety Job Fair had so many incredible job opportunities for our students.  It was great to see the dedicated people from all over (including fire, police, the marines, etc.).  I also attended the International Education Week Coffee and Tea tasting event featuring delicious tastings from around the world and even from around the corner with representatives from Black Coffee Northwest.  What fun!  Speaking of coffee, the shared governance group met for the first time to start planning for a Request for Proposal for companies to bid on coming to our campus.  We will keep you posted on progress! 

And finally- I wanted to just thank one of our colleagues.  Gavin Smith.  Gavin stepped in to be the Director of TSS during a very tumultuous time at the college and really helped us get to where we are now.  Gavin is staying with the college but in a different role. Quotes from his colleagues include: 

  • “Gavin is secretly a Jedi Grand Master and trained Yoda.”  
  • “Gavin’s leadership was essential to moving ctcLink from a project to a reality.” 
  • “Gavin has always been the rational calm team member, when needed the most. He never missed an opportunity to take a pause and bring the room back together. We are so thankful for his thoughtfulness and compassion.” 
  • “The insight and creativity he brought to programming, were also evident in his acting director role.” 
  • “Gavin has the ability to navigate quickly and turn course as needed. He was adaptable, encouraging, and humble in the acting leadership role.” 
  • “Gavin has been both a friend and leader, a mentor and director, and funny and appropriately engaging.” 
  • “I am encouraged by the work that Gavin has taken on in an honest and forthright manner. He was a great person work partner in general and within the executive team.” 
  • “Gavin faced challenging often daunting tasks with a positive attitude and provided practical- implementable solutions that took into account how each person involved would be affected.” 
  • “During the ctcLink conversion, Gavin was never ruffled or impatient. He provided the steady leadership and support Shoreline needed to execute a monumental transition in how the college does business and serves students.” 

Read all of the quotes about Gavin here. 

Have a great week all, 


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  • For this week’s update: The College saw 5 positive cases of COVID-19 reported between November 9 and November 15. 


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