Campus Updates 4/13/23


As you can imagine, much of this week has been working with folks on the ransomware incident. As was mentioned in the Tuesday forum, we held an update today on the incident and will be sending out a follow-up email to staff, faculty, and students tomorrow. The ransomware incident is something that has taken up a lot of time and mental energy for us all. Thank you again for your understanding as we move through this together. 

Another area that I have been busy with this week has been advocacy for our STEAM building. As you can see in the letter below, working with Mary Burroughs, Nancy Dick, Lucas Rucks, Jeffrey Kashiwa, Matt Jorgensen, Christopher Vongvithayamathakul, Douglas Reid, the mighty Lori Yonimitsu, and many others, we were able to get 25 signatures and sent this letter off to our representatives in the House and Senate with hopes of additional advocacy.  We will continue to work with advocates and representatives in hopes of getting our building back on the priority list.  I did hear from Senator Salomon yesterday that he was interested in assisting us, which is very exciting.   

Last Thursday Paulette Graham Rainer, our acting director of the Parent Child Center was kind enough to invite Cat Chiappa and I to read to the kids during the “Week of the Young Child.”  When the children were asked if they remembered who the special guest was going to be, one child said, “THE EASTER BUNNY”, another “A DINOSAUR.” I replied, “Tough crowd,” and then delivered a lesson on patience and anticipation by sharing “Waiting is Not Easy” by Mo Willems. We had so much fun, we can’t wait to go back soon!  

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of spending some time at an AskMe table and met some new students and faculty. It was great chatting (despite the rain and cold).  I was really glad I was able to have this in my schedule this week. 

I also had two great meetings with College Presidents as part of my learning and professional development. I met with Dr Singh from Edmonds and Dr Murray from Cascadia. The Presidents have been really welcoming and supportive and these two are no exception. I am learning a lot through these meetings and look forward to continuing them. 

Finally, I did meet with Michael Meotti from WSAC. In case you are unaware, Washington Student Achievement Council is a government agency overseeing higher education in the state of Washington. They do a lot with financial aid and financial aid advocacy, so I wanted to learn more about them and how we work with them just in case there are any future opportunities to support our awesome financial aid team, and of course our students. 

Hope you all have a great rest of your week. 



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COVID-19 Updates   


  • For the week of April 5 through April 12, the College saw 0 reported positive cases of COVID-19.  



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This is an image of the letter that was written to governmental representatives in support of the new STEAM building.
This is page two of the letter and it shows about 25 signatures signed in support of the STEAM building.

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