Request Inclusion in the Community Report by August 15th!

creportThe Community Report (CR) is mailed quarterly to approximately 60,000 households in the surrounding area.  It is a collection of the past quarter’s “biggest” news plus event advertising and announcements regarding the Shoreline Community College Foundation.

You can use the CR to:

  • advertise an upcoming event; small to full-page advertisements are possible
  • put your news story out to local residents

If you want to have your story or event included in the next Community Report, please contact Jim Hills in the 1000 building: or 206-546-4634.

Updated: Training starts Thursday for redesigned web content management system

Update: The original afternoon training time was 2:30 pm but a space scheduling conflict has forced us to push back the start time to 3pm. We apologize for the confusion or inconvenience.

Sessions will occur at 10:30 am and 3 pm in room 4214 lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Click the time you want to add it to your calendar.

Launch of the redesigned web content management system (OU) is imminent. Thursday we’ll hold two training sessions to show what the new OU looks like.

Before getting trained, OU users can…

  1. Tell us which time slot they’ll attend.
  2. Watch this video to see some excellent side by side pictures of how things look now and how they will look in the new version.  Since it’s a recording, you can easily skip around to see the helpful images or find content that is of direct interest to you.
  3. Log into their pages and experiment. Just go to and find your pages in that website. Then, log in as you normally do.  These are copies of your actual pages, so there is no harm in tinkering there.


We flipped the switch!

Flipping the switch.A version of the college website for phones is now live.

Just today we flipped a switch that checks if people are visiting our website on a phone. If so, they get prompted to select between continuing on to the regular site or the “mobile” site. A user’s preference will be saved for 30 days, but the option to go to the “full version” is always there.

Earlier today we notified users of our web content management system about this and let them know what it means for their work.

One thing it means, is that now we will be turning our attention to implementing the new version of our web content management system.


New version of OmniUpdate coming Spring Quarter

Change is afoot…

Our website content management system, OmniUpdate (OU), has come out with a new version of its software called Version 10. This new version will make things appear differently, but core functions will remain basically the same.

Getting Ready
Current users have been offered steps to take in preparation for the changeover. You can read about those in this email sent to our OU users.

No impact on the College Website
This change will have zero impact on the content or appearance of the college website. It will only effect those who have access to edit pages via OmniUpdate.

If you don’t currently edit or maintain any college web pages, but think maybe you should, please contact the Public Information Office.


Intranet Homepage Updated

Our old friend, the intranet homepage, has received minor changes. The last time the page changed was September of 2013!  Here’s what happened:

  • Updated the Safety & Security section
  • Added a new “Emergency Preparedness” section
  • Removed expired items like “Lift ‘n Shift” and “Blackboard”
  • Removed items from the bullet points list that already appear as icons above or in the top navigation (e.g. “forms” and “college calendar”)
  • Removed items unrelated to the intranet
  • Removed links to defunct pages
  • Updated a couple names

For comparison, here is a screenshot of the old version. Click it to enlarge it.

Intranet HomepageAs a reminder, if there is ever something you cannot find, just type it in the search box at the top right of any web page and what you need will more than likely appear.