Campus Updates 11/03/22


Happy Thursday all!  I hope your week is going well.  I am mostly over the jet lag from the trip to New York last week, but not quite.  I wanted to begin by thanking folks who reached out with a few comments about the TRUST Memo #1 that I sent out on October 31, 2022. No, it wasn’t a spam email from me (that has happened this year) and yes it was the final draft (despite being called DRAFT on the original email).  We have posted it here so that you can visit it at any time. We have discussed this in the Executive Team meeting and have already begun operationalizing items.  I will report-out on this memo during the Community Check-in on November 8th at 2:30 and then a briefer TRUST Memo #2 to follow with updates, by the end of November. 

My week has been super busy catching up on emails and projects.  I did get to visit with one of my Professional Development mentors, Dr. Amit Singh from Edmonds College. He is really great to connect with and learn from.  He has been a president all over the country and it is very interesting to learn about the differences across the states. 

And some good news!  This summer we put together a shared governance task force Request for Proposal and scoring rubric to select an organization to work with us to create our new DEI Strategic Plan.  The team worked tirelessly and made a recommendation to ET this week which was accepted unanimously.  MIG’s RPF is the apparent successful bidder.  We hope to sign the contract with them soon.  Special thanks to members of the RFP task force:  Leann De Luna, Nancy Dick, Jonathan Molinaro, JoAnna Buxton, Roberto Lopez, Celine Pastore, and Sarah Swanberg. Michael Boehme and John Tankersley also assisted in the beginning of the process as well.  

And last, I am ending today with an apology.  I had thought a position was posted for recruitment and said so last week, but it was not.  The update is: The College has 2 Grounds & Nursery Specialist 2 positions, one of which is currently vacant. While prior recruitments have not yielded a viable applicant pool, the timing of this Fall’s recruitment should catch those being laid off for the winter from summer landscaping jobs with an anticipated hire in December/January.  Hope that makes sense.  

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  • For the week from October 26 to November 1, the College saw 3 reported cases of COVID-19 – down 7 from the last week. 



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